A shared love of great food, good people and just plain fun led Jon Pozgay and Gail Root to start Wicked Kitchen, a personal chef service.  From its beginning in 2013, Jon and Gail provided creative healthy meals and snacks for their San Diego clients as well as for their friends and families.

It did not take long for Wicked Kitchen's gluten-free cookies and granola to become the most requested menu items.  People loved and craved these treats, often placing additional orders to share with friends or for a special occasion.  In 2017, this demand led us to start producing our cookies and granola for sale in specialized markets and online.

Carefully sourced, organic and high-quality ingredients make our products not only fun and delicious but healthy as well.  By hand-crafting each small batch of cookies and granola, Wicked Kitchen insures that only the best and most delicious products are available for all to enjoy.