What makes your granola better than all of those other granolas on the shelf?

Our granola is baked in small batches using unique combinations of natural, organic and high-quality ingredients.  We carefully source and choose only the best ingredients for each batch of granola.

How long does your granola stay fresh? How should it be stored?

The granola should stay fresh for months after it is produced.  We mark each package with a "best by" date, though it may still be fresh and delicious beyond that date!!  Granola should be stored under cool, dry conditions.  Reseal your package tightly once opened, or transfer contents to an air-tight container.  Air will cause granola to become stale; like, humidity makes granola become soft. You may freeze or refrigerate granola as long as it is in an air-tight container.

What about your cookies?

Your cookies will arrive fresh and ready to eat.  Our cookies freeze very well and will keep up to 9 months when frozen in their original wrapping inside an air-tight container.  Experiencing an uncontrollable cookie craving? Simply remove your favorite cookies from the freezer, bring to room temperature and enjoy!

Are your granola and cookies gluten-free?

Our products are labeled gluten-free in accordance with requirements established by the FDA and California Department of Public Health (less than 20 ppm) are not made with gluten-containing ingredients.  Our products are not certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO).  If you have celiac disease or are otherwise sensitive to gluten, you may want to consult with your health care provider for advice about whether the criteria we follow for gluten-free labeling meets your individual needs.

What about nuts and other allergens?

All nuts and other allergens (dairy, soy, etc.) are specifically identified in the detailed ingredient lists on the the product page and on each product's label. 

Do your cookies and granola include any genetically modified ingredients? 

Although we do not have non-GMO certification, we have researched our ingredients to confirm that none include GMOs.

 What is your return/refund policy?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds unless the wrong products were shipped.